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Welcome to the Lab-H
Tribute page
this page is for the loving memory
of those beloved friends of ours
 that are now waiting for us at 
the Bridge

10/28/1993 -6/8/2001"
"Brandy, you were so special. We will love you always." 

"Tsar Nicholas" 
Tsar Nicholas was born blind, he lived, and
was a beloved part of LILRR
we shall all miss him.

Saki left us at 16 years of age, 
Kroner at 8. Their goodness captured our hearts
and we still miss them.

Ben-Her's Mom's Cookie, 9/17/69-11/28/83. 
People in three states cried
when she was gone.

dutch1.jpg - 19425 Bytes
Dutch 1996-10/02. 
Dutch was a great dog
that never got the breaks.
but he will be missed by many

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