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Monthly contest

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The Dog Winner for Sept is:

A Tie

"Dock" owned by: Art McDonald 

"Truff" owned by: Marianne L. Rousseau, Esq


Puppy Winner:

"United we Stand" owned by: Terri Keller

Your picture will be posted here as soon as you send it in. Pictures sent in must not exceed 50kb and be approximately 250x250 pixels**. Voting will take place on or about the 15th of each month. Votes must be e-mailed at that time to: Marked "monthly contest vote". Each photo will have a number, just vote for the number you like. Send photos to address above marked "for contest".

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Pictures for October








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Previous months winners

** I will adjust photo size for you if necessary.

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All pictures on these pages are the property of the submitting Lab-H member and may not be used or reproduced in any way what so ever, without the written permission of the photograph owner..

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